Rock Star Dementia

by King Rhythm

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Isolation is a theme all too common for rock stars, be it by the perils of success or the environment needed for creation. It is the same isolation that King Rhythm felt as he was forced to make a change. Thrust into the role of caregiver for his dementia stricken mother, unprepared, he desperately fought to hold on to some semblance of a musical life while the weight of caring for her became ever increasingly difficult to manage.

This sudden twisting of events allowed him to analogize his life into that of the isolated rock star. Yet it also provided for him an environment to see clearly the pitfalls, reexamine his individual role as a musician, and decide how he wanted to present himself to the larger body of society.

Ultimately, King Rhythm chooses honesty and vulnerability, expressing his difficult yet unique journey and not simply relying on the inherited cliches that far too many musicians unquestionably live out.

One of only a handful of rappers that also produces, King Rhythm's production values continue to be a highlight of his work. Taking a strong step away from the psychedelic and often experimental sounds of his past albums, Rock Star Dementia, his 3rd proper solo album, is a far more edgy affair, hIs most mature and accessible album to date.

Clocking in at a concise 28 minutes, the album is composed from a carefully selected bevy of his favorite and most influential iconic rock classics. This framework is deconstructed and then reconstructed into a modern soundscape that is immediate and crisp in its approach. With the utmost respect given, these classics are completely transformed with only a subliminal dusting of the original track remaining. In other instances the core songs are virtually untouched, creating an irrefutable link to the past while reestablishing them in the present.

As the song Genes fades in, a crazed voiced King Rhythm provokes us with a question, "What ya'll muthafuckers know about dementia?" Unfamiliar territory for a rapper indeed, yet King Rhythm's rare experience provides us with a glimpse into an answer.


released January 28, 2014

All songs written, produced, recorded, arranged, mixed, and engineered by King Rhythm
Guest appearance on Antipodes by P.T. Burnem
Recorded and mixed at Baltimore Analog
Mastered by Saff Mastering
Design and layout by Vanguard Files /

*This album is free. If you choose to give money, your proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer's association -‎*



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Track Name: Bowie In Space
I'm Bowie in space
doing lines of coke
it's floating in my face
on stardust and smoke

Skip the limo, fuck a demo
I'm David Bowie, get the memo
here's the bio, vanguard since a child
my hair was wild
american culture was my style
tunes my passion
formed some bands and action
first album didn't grip
till major Tom became a hit
then Tony Defries had the plan
to act famous before I am
flew to NY, signed RCA
met Andy and Lou
and announced I'm gay
Soon ideas will coalesce
Kubrick, Kabuki in cross dress

I brought Ziggy to earth in 72
with the spiders as my crew
We dropped rise and fall
and you were sold
a little bit later we went gold
tours got longer, we got bigger
added more coke to my milk and liquor
yeah, mars helped me escape
but the more I gave
the more Zigg would take
then Tony Defries claimed i'm broke
years of work this is a joke
John Lennon said attack them
with good lawyers and new management
indeed I won't be duped
I'm heading east to regroup
no more Defries, no more Ziggy
off to Berlin with Eno and Iggy

I laid the groundwork for swag
laid the groundwork for glam
added drag to rock and roll
your heroes know who I am

I laid the groundwork for swag
laid the groundwork for glam
added drag to rock and roll
all heros know who I am
Track Name: Fucked Up Game
Gotta get it
Get it out of me
Gotta get it
The enemy

I seen the lies
I seen the tries
got astute to what arise
gave the boot to all the ties
came to rue the day you thrive
now more in tune
quick to read
clairvoyant to the nth degree
premonition come to free
intuition sweep so clean
I seem so mean
but some just seem to scheme
on how to dead your theme
but karma gonna gleam

My myriad
in a pyramid
can't find a cure
but i'm looking kid
this rhyme of blur
more like a product
of how we were
plus how we got it
in the present tense
you still on the fence?
get on the bus
it's calling us
losing my cool
can't find my high
kill the root
whole tree gonna die
read your plays
wasn't level
gloss of love
details the devil
Track Name: Greenwoods In Essex
I feel like i need a new birth
cause what they sell doesn't work
no substance just flash
it comes and goes
and that's the path
we gotta move so fast
to keep up with their revolving cast
me I'm looking for my bliss to last
but everything goes by
and I struggle to grasp

Hot chicks and super cool dudes
we aspire greater
but that's the attitude
its all altitude
time goes by
and here comes the new
they seem so subdued
they got fucked up views
distorted trues
but what do expect
when the cause is you

Getting caught up in a trip
they throw you right up in it

Soak it up like spit
its the endless pit
got no ground to grip
till the end you hit
hear the beams just click
then you fell the rip
now time done split
tell me how can you fit?
Track Name: Antipodes
Test the frame
more risk to tame
it couldn't be any other way
how i perceive
ain't how they achieve
so I say fuck it
toss it and leave
all these games
is my anti-strive
let's be more active
and revive
we comatose the norm
they have you vacant
in your physical form
Wall Street
a street thats a wall
strategically too big to fall
or too frail to remain big
i'm thinking animal farm pig
what's really fair?
it ain't in here
who really cares?
it's lucidly clear
we operate to obtain
we require you fail
then use it to gain
but its no game
to pillage and sustain
sustain and pillage
I hear it's a village
to raise a child
not a fucking corporation
or is it the dollar
that keeps us a nation?

(Verse by P.T. Burnem)
Is there anyone even alive out there
picking up the current
does my sound, sound clear
loud enough to hear
above the crowd and all its shouting
and the tv the damn neighbor
won't turn down downstairs
lack of respect
and half of them have a bat
so many violent voices
in this rabid habitat
rather have it that
than predictable and simple
broken into facts
by your scientific principles
everything's so exact and correct
psycho-circuit breakdown
patch into the net
cash in on a fad
we're gonna all be rich
and do a little damage
to these bastards yet
Track Name: Gone Days
Gone are the days and yet
I do recall
with a single clarity
details and all
what once was now
seems to have changed
all I longed for
presently seems so strange
and the time does fly
faster each year
less chance for a reach yet
more dreams of it near
more thoughts on the clear
more acts break the fear
some just here to love
some love just to hear
gone days

1920 was before my time but
11 years later my
momma did arrive and
you best believe that
those times were hard
wall street crashed and
people starved
folks had the feeling that
hope was a hoax
momma's family broke up they
just couldn't cope
and throughout her life she froze
from fears and reminders
she couldn't forget the past now
she's dying from Alzheimer's
gone days

People are people and
if you want a facade
go watch tv and then pray to god
all my conflicts
I reconcile myself
these episodes that stick
can't get no help
could eat my heart out
till the day I die
or just accept now
and let go of why
see It's one thing to forget
what happened while your living
but its a whole 'nother
to remember
something that didn't

What can we do
and ya don't stop
and ya don't quit till you're gone
Track Name: Genes
Stranger than fiction
study my diction
want to dump these genes
i'm destined for friction
surrounded by corruption
rooted in obstruction
who exploited your frustrations
and makes profit off of it?
(they got a name for that)
this life I've known is strange
it ain't within the generally accepted range
I'm ready for change
feed you a dream unfulfilled
pump you with images
to incite a thrill
but it's hollow
enjoy the spectacle
it's your new role mode
(they got a name for that too)
good luck with your breakdown
it'll be brand new
Track Name: Slow Dement
Where's the justice that we seek
cause in the end we'll all get weak
and rules are written by those with power
diffusing us they keep their power
and their ready to bite
sell you the dark when you need the light
fix your mind and eyesight
ambition's a knife
I walk the parade so i'm not afraid
the end can come to your aid
the unknown final's not denial
but the welcome face of a past rival

And we can hardly speak so they pump the pill
whats the use we just so ill
to sustain a live un-alive
escape with grace before the dive
but in our land it's against the books
we can put down paws not human looks
we've more compassion for a lesser brain
than for those who have the same
and because the brain becomes lesser
economy fails under the pressure
all the terror of our own demise
we can't escape we're gonna die

Why do they sell us so much?
will we be healthier with their stuff?
who makes a living off our buys?
who excels and who declines?
who confesses, who denies?
who refuses and who cries?
laws are written but in who's favor?
whats constitutes bad behavior?
does it differ based on color?
how do we think of another?
can we see past the lies or
is it too late to change the times?

And while the climate changes we dissolve
we think progress when less revolves
and there's less resolve for more mess
little work to do for the rest
and I went to school I passed the test
spend my next half paying off my debts
bought deeper into the dream
but now i see that it's all a scheme
Influence comes at all angles
and its hard to know through the tangles
while most are stuck those that are living
blame the victim for poor decision

We gotta have the talk
we gotta voice distraught
how to crawl when we cannot walk
what to do when all is lost
how to feel when we did as taught
but things didn't pan out as we thought
and tell me where's more worth?
in a past life or a future birth?
cause I've seen that slow dement
where there's no grace in descent
and I'll resent those who won't help
when they choose only themselves
Track Name: Sleep Thinker
Make up your mind
Make up your mind
Shake up your mind
Shake up your mind
Wake up your mind
Rake up your mind
You never knew you were out of time

Make up your mind
Make up your mind
Wake up your mind
Wake up your mind
Shape up your mind
Shake up your mind
You never knew you were out of time

You ain't out of time

The haze stays
its glossed gaze
for peace he prays
his piece is praised
indeed release sways
the rostrum cost him
they lost him for a few
more years in the making
it's overdue
share a tea for two
amenities, a view
withdrawal from one
focus on the sum
from parts to whole
the longevity we mold
the gravity untold
this totality is gold
our most loyal and humble
is royal amongst the people
giving is regal
and in short supply
the high demand's a scam
it's all in our palm
if every man is one
well that's one that can calm

Myopic in tendency
they stock you to cede
focus on yourself
and only see what you need
they got to product every greed
but it doesn't fulfill
only their pockets get fatter
as they mess with your will
they can't reinvent the wheel
still you believe in the new
fresh energy is good
but it depends on point of view
and deepens as you skew
so fully aware
take notes then declare
this journey MUST be rare
I feel no distinction
between you and me
that's why i
reinvent myself
every new reality

The sparring match is sparing yet stirring
I'm aware of the unveiling it's blurring
a great cacophony in the dregs
with rations from time
they'll fraction and splinter
only to return to form with no winner