Pro Shit b​/​w Feel It (Windowpane Remix)

by King Rhythm

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released June 26, 2012

Original version of Feel It by EAR PWR from their self titled release on Carpark records >>> <<<

Recorded, mixed, & mastered @ Baltimore Analog



all rights reserved
Track Name: Pro Shit
I set it off back on the day
and when I set it off I did it the right way
that doesn't mean that my dreams come true
what I feel is the dopest might not be to you
every aspect subjective
and its taking me years still I hope to accept it
come to grips with the truth
and partly why I rhyme is to relay it to you
and hope you can gain
and make a learn from my strain
and won't make the same mistakes
but you can force someone to put on the breaks
unless they feel the need
you still hoping to be freed?
well how much truth do you need?
well how much proof can you heed?

And even if you don't know shit
well you know we flow pro shit
and even it you don't know shit
you know we flow pro shit
you know we flow pro shit

paradise it doesn't ever cheapen
when all's derived we sew for the reapin
and it only deepen its strange who you keeping
you question my motivations
I question your believing
estranged for relieving
your intentions are deceiving
I cite clues verse thieving
and oh yes we all have a tale
Like Ahab we all have our whale
void of obstacles who don't want prevail
who won't flaunt the gavel
how long till unravel
seems the solutions are stale
and though they rotten to the core
they continue offering more
they continue offering more
and even if it ain't expressed
were all have our roles
and if we play we accept

And even if you don't know shit
well you know we flow pro shit
and even it you don't know shit
you know we flow pro shit
you know we flow pro shit
Track Name: Feel It (Windowpane Remix)
Sunshine came and flooded my brain
helped me decipher what I couldn't explain
saw triple whurple cotton candy cloud
kaleidoscope dove flying fast on your brow
we watched rainbow bridge and jimi did it well
fully transfixed I couldn't eat the taco bell
so I threw it on the floor and stayed
while you spray with a hose
why would you wash your car
but now it glows
in vivid colors
we're merely
disciples of others
but really could be brothers
and sisters
my mind got
lost in the mixture
it was a twister
and on and steady swirling
my thoughts converted early
cause its was so revealing

Thinking way back to my first sunshine
ray of light in a house not mine
set the plan it's key to do
drank some shroom in a tea like brew
jammed some ween then the floyd
but uf orb really filled the void
ode to joy a train came and rode the room
this little model
my mind the track
sunshine the throttle
all syntax an ensemble
finger the pulse
pulse in my finger
nothing stronger than the linger
what's the trigger to set you off then down the path
you do the math
too much ruckus in a laugh
woke the owner and felt the wrath
Everett threw the final blow
couldn't imagine this was so
dead in our face you got to go
said dead in our face you got to go