Thieves Versus Clues

by King Rhythm & Colin Johnco

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released April 22, 2011

All tracks recorded, mixed, and arranged by Colin Johnco & King Rhythm
Vocals by King Rhythm
Colin Johnco recorded at Black Byzance - Paris, France
King Rhythm recorded and mastered at Baltimore Analog - Baltimore, Maryland
Artwork by Theo Mercier -
Type and color manipulation by Vanguard Files
Catalyst Act Records - CA02 ©2011 / /

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all rights reserved
Track Name: Thieves Versus Clues
i articulate this natural life full blown sit calm style
then meet on the road
eyes greet and unload a different person
down with grays and blues
I'm working this fact through my head
no thieves no clues
just creamsycles and love
a boat with hope
and escapades to diminish all the pain of the past
I'll miss you at last
I'll miss you full blast
but it'll be redeeming
quick drawings no meandering
a delicate balance
knowing when to skip the end unread
I'll be navigating better next time
it's all in the design

from behind to flourish with rhyme we nourish
but surveillance leaves me skittish
and exposed in their scope
they focus on the frontline
while I focus on focusing on hope
another week gone by
tell it to my oh my
old friend seen it coming
but I couldn't compute in the back of my head while excelling
concepts to oblivion
and these pinions and cowards send em all flowers
give levers to adjust good reason to live
but it isn't
and if I look like a bum when I'm musical
it's cause I can only care about the total
it's all paperclips and leprechauns
or paper cuts and marathons
puppy dogs and staring cons
study logs and farakahans
one way another how you feel's
results are sweating from my lips pure
I ask cats for simple things and I get no response so
this one goes out to the last many mention of minutes gone lost
I'll now taken on a new embodiment
surprising jump in a stream
lifetime in a rivers gleam
so mean so mean so what does it all mean
when nothings concluded
and the cats that label set this eluded
I see it's all ironicies these mysteries seize
Track Name: 20th Century Turmoil
how can I pull the string freaks with me
disregard the man you script
crooked letters get flushed
suck the carpet quick
loosening the noose now is a choice
the hammering is at my skull
horns are crisp on patrol
the night is wet in fog we roll
the cauldrons a burner
I'm concerned with all who discern
hell on wheel
hell on wheel
dearly beloved
we are gathered here in this fucked up institute
to conduct tests for dramatic solution
I see people falling
networked by electricity
mesmerized I'm crying
I grab a pear to enjoy for refreshment
all phases and feelings
I promise myself I won't forget
forge your tools wisely
the present day sting I'm left heavy
but don't let the recruitment excite you
take it word by word or it'll burn like a thousand stars
showering down cause they sold you
there's no comfort anymore

bad news rodent I've forgotten your disease
so you won't be of service to me
the auction closed business exposed
we harvest proposition compromise position
penetrate division in the pretense of hope
I need a simple decision so I can cope
with competition companies rush faces flush
flinching unsettled
I dream of loosening my bones from their socket
dropping them in a tub and scrubbing away
ahhh a little relief is in sight
somebody told me once but it wasn't enough
I can't leave it there with no struggle to bear
now the question becomes how much can I spare
before I'm sparring with the whole world
malnourished meandering the distance
occupied by my fondest memories
just put the noise in the other room
let me take care of the rest and boom
I lock the light and turn off the door
there's no comfort anymore

bad light blinding and bright
blending my bite by bending my fight
over and over and again to war
there's no comfort anymore
Track Name: Death Phone
rock ribbed stocked and law
old man on a death phone
cold stand on a fresh throne
but it ain't stone it's what we need
can't fight the force that feeds
can't disagree eternally

I'll take it all and except it as what it is
too ill to be just courage
loop these moans and always know that we're above nothing
stay driving even if the unknown's just beyond the horizon
the acid in me dates back to horror
and the mission was so easy until the love was fake and apparent
and crying out for justice was my only song
and I'll never forget even if all that remains is subtle
remove the negative and laugh
through the turmoil
from the huddle
through the turmoil
from the huddle
through the turmoil
from the huddle
misbelief fills the puddle
but it's so pretty
Track Name: Clone$
and the clones don't work alone
so I stay on my grind
with this drill in hand
and another sign planned
it's for decades to stand
then the decadence gets defeated
and when completed
it's repeated
when completed its repeated x2

and the clones love themselves
cause everyones the same
no one to single out
no one to get the blame
it's a history of stain
they're still trying to clean
and with more dirt they bleed the dream
with more dirt they loose the dream

and the clones love to scheme
it makes them feel alive
more secrets to dish out
to dish out bitter lies
makes for tv land like lives
and every ones a star
and with more drama they'll go far
yes with more drama they'll go far

and the clones can't decipher
it gets harder everyday
to put their thoughts together
they just don't know what to say
they submit and convert
to support the latest fad
and once it's out of style
they forget what they had

and the clones keep on circling
cause they know no better
going through the motions
going through them to the letter
forgetting about the source
and the cause of all the action
you question them they just laughing
question them and they just laughing

and the clones got work to do
they know it all too well
cause they don't want to be clones
it's a living hell
they really hate the cage
and the redundancy of their paces
while secretly playing cards
holding all the aces

Track Name: Gallery
practice at the gallery
don't be so mad at me
practice at the gallery
don't be so mad

now why ya wanta make it come to this
from my list thought I missed
still insist could be bliss
but I guess that you stress
from your faults to your debts
you're on your way to a shallow stay
know the bottom but the top is rotten
the rest is decay
and the weapons are addictive
post up in the sedative section
check my smile check my style
turn on denial
and file all these fucking papers

it's like
no no not really really
can't deal me can't conceal me

double trouble
laid down the bubble
looking for a pin
but can't pop it
said to myself for the third time
gotta stop it
other cat was like yo you can't knock it
I'm like mmm
readjusting my whiskers
the misbelievers dropped all these integers
I was flinching
steady with my pulse
watching the vein retaliate
it was not smooth and I felt like this groove had to be it
but I picked up my needle and headed with the stencil to the temple
now not that one that you're thinking of
cause it's it's a little bit above and I'm still down below
but I'm checking for the flow
and it's coming

it's running
Track Name: Ultimate Mix
the ultimate mix
masterpiece on round surface
get your collection boxed
cuddle the colosseum
pandemonium proportion
specific spectacle
illustrious remedial
can't help run
brought forth never forget back
many's an act
others engrave the slave
no clue about these parts
do it for my friends
wish I was one of those
on those
with no regrets
no bad lows
no bad debts
dues paid
noise is
too much is reliable
and that ain't rock and roll
that ain't rock and roll

iron walls got these iron walls

the bus ran on fuel it was fire powered drool
I said woo
Track Name: New Hawaii
lifted veil time to sail
need to swell it's a must
much a fuss swept the rust
used the coat but bust
dug the coast in the breeze
this hawaii is my steez
buckled knees from all these walks
dried out tongues from talks
vacant rooms needing paint
still I cant articulate this fabrics great
the sliver slice continue on ice
dancing on a chance to bloom
hoping for a change by moon
all the facts at large loom
fuck these cats they're doomed

fought the must went berserk
pinned by post how it hurt
dissing brains whatever reason
cat and mouse malfeasance
and the lies to their own demise
justice will regulate I believe it to be so
looking in then looking out
only see what I'm without
please don't hate me for this route
it's all I can shout
peep the knife peep the hook
another thousand tools of crook
please don't judge me by the book
it's what they took they took
they set the bar too damn high
all we do is jump and sigh
all we do is want and buy
broken credit pry

still I can't let go yet
of what they say is the best
but I'm trying no regrets
pump my fuel and jet
did the dust on winded knees
how it held me ride the breeze
letting go in degrees monumental deeds
the way i rode this whole tour
ain't no more ain't no more
the way I rode this whole tour
ain't no more no more
Track Name: Public Spaces (Bonus)
how ya gonna move when the rhythm rhyme rolling
you controlling
new controlling

how ya gonna move
where the groove so smooth
but ya can't understand the planned attitude
you're loaded to the tooth
and the sleuth needs sleep
the game's been set
and ya got no relief
caught like a thief
in the night going broke
the moon the sky
your only hope
believe what you spoke
and soak up game
more proof that ya found
the truth maintains

its just the battle from within
how you gonna bring the ring
and make it sing
such a sweet melody
you know there really ain't no victory
I call it trickery of vibes
these tribulations of tribes
need passion
no subtracting
just get back in the ring
for another fucking round
let's get down
how we get down again
get up out the bed and bend
from begin to the end
and now you know this kid is captain
the game is beats and rapping
you wonder if we acting
there's drama but we packing
with more in store and tapping

i got them numb they run

I got a brain of symmetry
a thought propelling me
and the name is apt but no role is chemistry
a glam rock doc the plan never stop
one shot till the clock
on shock bout stock
talking bout the core
new tour with the roar
still sleeping on the floor
to reap and explore
like pirate 3 this ain't mastery
it's sorcery this voice in me
divorcing me from history
too much choice on infantry
got a drum machine
an ill synthesizer
for the heads
gotta help inspire
smiling faces in public space
releasing places from controlling
stylin ceases folding
the graduates grace is golden