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Test the frame
more risk to tame
it couldn't be any other way
how i perceive
ain't how they achieve
so I say fuck it
toss it and leave
all these games
is my anti-strive
let's be more active
and revive
we comatose the norm
they have you vacant
in your physical form
Wall Street
a street thats a wall
strategically too big to fall
or too frail to remain big
i'm thinking animal farm pig
what's really fair?
it ain't in here
who really cares?
it's lucidly clear
we operate to obtain
we require you fail
then use it to gain
but its no game
to pillage and sustain
sustain and pillage
I hear it's a village
to raise a child
not a fucking corporation
or is it the dollar
that keeps us a nation?

(Verse by P.T. Burnem)
Is there anyone even alive out there
picking up the current
does my sound, sound clear
loud enough to hear
above the crowd and all its shouting
and the tv the damn neighbor
won't turn down downstairs
lack of respect
and half of them have a bat
so many violent voices
in this rabid habitat
rather have it that
than predictable and simple
broken into facts
by your scientific principles
everything's so exact and correct
psycho-circuit breakdown
patch into the net
cash in on a fad
we're gonna all be rich
and do a little damage
to these bastards yet


from Rock Star Dementia, released January 28, 2014



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