Gone Days

from by King Rhythm

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Gone are the days and yet
I do recall
with a single clarity
details and all
what once was now
seems to have changed
all I longed for
presently seems so strange
and the time does fly
faster each year
less chance for a reach yet
more dreams of it near
more thoughts on the clear
more acts break the fear
some just here to love
some love just to hear
gone days

1920 was before my time but
11 years later my
momma did arrive and
you best believe that
those times were hard
wall street crashed and
people starved
folks had the feeling that
hope was a hoax
momma's family broke up they
just couldn't cope
and throughout her life she froze
from fears and reminders
she couldn't forget the past now
she's dying from Alzheimer's
gone days

People are people and
if you want a facade
go watch tv and then pray to god
all my conflicts
I reconcile myself
these episodes that stick
can't get no help
could eat my heart out
till the day I die
or just accept now
and let go of why
see It's one thing to forget
what happened while your living
but its a whole 'nother
to remember
something that didn't

What can we do
and ya don't stop
and ya don't quit till you're gone


from Rock Star Dementia, released January 28, 2014



all rights reserved