Slow Dement

from by King Rhythm

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Where's the justice that we seek
cause in the end we'll all get weak
and rules are written by those with power
diffusing us they keep their power
and their ready to bite
sell you the dark when you need the light
fix your mind and eyesight
ambition's a knife
I walk the parade so i'm not afraid
the end can come to your aid
the unknown final's not denial
but the welcome face of a past rival

And we can hardly speak so they pump the pill
whats the use we just so ill
to sustain a live un-alive
escape with grace before the dive
but in our land it's against the books
we can put down paws not human looks
we've more compassion for a lesser brain
than for those who have the same
and because the brain becomes lesser
economy fails under the pressure
all the terror of our own demise
we can't escape we're gonna die

Why do they sell us so much?
will we be healthier with their stuff?
who makes a living off our buys?
who excels and who declines?
who confesses, who denies?
who refuses and who cries?
laws are written but in who's favor?
whats constitutes bad behavior?
does it differ based on color?
how do we think of another?
can we see past the lies or
is it too late to change the times?

And while the climate changes we dissolve
we think progress when less revolves
and there's less resolve for more mess
little work to do for the rest
and I went to school I passed the test
spend my next half paying off my debts
bought deeper into the dream
but now i see that it's all a scheme
Influence comes at all angles
and its hard to know through the tangles
while most are stuck those that are living
blame the victim for poor decision

We gotta have the talk
we gotta voice distraught
how to crawl when we cannot walk
what to do when all is lost
how to feel when we did as taught
but things didn't pan out as we thought
and tell me where's more worth?
in a past life or a future birth?
cause I've seen that slow dement
where there's no grace in descent
and I'll resent those who won't help
when they choose only themselves


from Rock Star Dementia, released January 28, 2014



all rights reserved