What's Left

by King Rhythm

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Includes 3 unreleased remixes and the track Necessary - all the material from the What's Left period.


Main Characters:
King Rhythm will never be satisfied with the norm. Music goes too deep for him. He will never stand still. So many styles, so many sounds to choose from. Indulging in years spanning 62 and 78 is a lifetime of work, homework and preparation are necessary. There's too much culture ignored, too much sound abused, and too many minds taken for granted. The mass dumbing down transmitted through FM frequencies does the DX7 a disservice. OS upgrades give him a warm fuzzy feeling - time stands still during reboot. It's now, right now, when enthusiasm sets in. Bouncing off walls and freestyling because the possibilities are endless. Never content with a standard patch or over the counter sample CD, sound must travel at least A/A/D/A, ya dig?- dusty fingers and mildew smell, the whole nine. Yes, the ever prevalent love is digging. Can one ever have enough? No... the key might be behind that very next one.

Son of Nun is being watched. The powers that be have forced him to disclose information that is not profitable to their existence. He must act quickly because he know's his time is limited. They are tracking him as we speak; tapping his line, planting cameras, and positioning spies right around the corner. They don't like what they hear. He spreads his message through rhyme (aka truth to the youth), yet cats can't crack the code. A few understand what he's saying, these individuals pose the real threat. The majority doesn't understand, but they know his words are fire, ready to burn the very foundation that has put them in control today. The scribe is almost complete, "soon, very soon!", he screams. Bob Marley lyrics loop over and over in his head - "Would you let the system make you kill your brotherman? No, Dread, no!"


Supporting Cast:
Prophet-600 (the greed), Six-Track (the last resort), K2500SX (the bulk), K2000RS (the origin), Nord Rack (the lock), S6000 (the narrator), G4 (conductor, speech therapist, door, and all around good guy), Wedge (candy 1), Midiverb II (candy 2), Studio 400 (candy 3), 1310 (dyeing dub god), DL4 (rebirth of dub god). GSP 5 (dirt 1), DS-1 (dirt 2), OD-2r (dirt 3), FX13 (dirt 4), Tube Head (the warmth), SL1200MKII (the savior), and Vinyl (the essence).

The Main Feature:
What's Left

Drum & Bass and Hip-Hop.  People want to keep them separate.  Put each in its own folder and file them away. Thus, a  line has been drawn.  Let's completely erase this line and move forward without any memory of one existing.  Now we can progress as the true musical architects had originally intended.  So What's Left? First, music can consist of any sound, any feeling, any texture.  From symphonic orchestral suites in E flat, wailing fuzz guitars of the 60's, to present day love of the digital malfunction speaking.  How about a digital orchestra played through a fuzz pedal malfunctioning Now that's more like it!
Second, lyrics have always been used as a medium to initiate social change as well as a commentary tool used to address all aspect of life. This must continue! Rhyming, by the MC, brought this to the forefront as the most direct and easily understandable way to get a message across. Relevance is the key to maintaining this striking power. Third, We live in a society with two focuses. Everything can be linked to these:  injustice - either internal or external and technology - obsolete
or cutting edge.  Because of this constant seeking, life is non-stop without pause or fade.  We need an anthem. The foundation has been built, the plan has been laid. This is What's left.

The events and characters depicted within are fresh.
Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events is completely intentional.


released April 22, 2003

All tracks written, produced, recorded & engineered by King Rhythm
All vocal arrangements by King Rhythm
Lyrics on "Steve's Job" and "Ciretose" by King Rhythm
Lyrics on "Free/Aggravated Assault" and "Necessary" by Son Of Nun
Lyrics on "What's Left Breaks The Silence" and "The Brakes are Gone" by King Rhythm & Son Of Nun



all rights reserved
Track Name: What's Left Breaks The Silence
What's Left ruff them What's Left bust them What's Left dust them, who mislead the people We're not evil, we want equal rights and justice for the people If you talk gun, if you talk drug, if you dis women we're gonna kill your sound love We don't play that, We're not idiots, you can't play What's Left for no rass cloth. (sample of someone misleading the people)/(refrain) Stuttering, sputtering words uttering slurs with foreshadowing rhymes see around curves bending nerves with mind shattering verbs like - touch- feel the power of the prose clutch! Don't stop, just let your knot get rocked. . . We're taking sledge hammer beats to your blood clots, freeing up the flow, burning up the show, staining up your brain with shit you already know like Yo! No empire can last forever bro. The first is now the last and now the last has had its go, so, get ready for the dawn of illusions, maintain your brain and abstain from confusion. You're looking pale like you've been in institutions, get a transfusion of the real solution, 100% uncut revolution knocking down your door imploring you to join the movement. (sample describing apathy) Why sound crews wan fi test What's Left? Them never know say What's Left a di best. They run come with all them nastiness, drug talk, gun talk, and filthiness. Them come chat that and get laid to rest cause them can't stand when the king and s.o.n. sound test. Killing ignorance from east to west, manifesting like the muscle in your chest - we don't rest - till we get equal rights and justice so pump your fist if you like it like this'a cause this here mista is a resista, you can't do nothing when we do it like this'a, go tell your sista, capitalist'a get rocked by the style that we kick'a, them can't handle the way we mangle and leave all babylonic styles them in shambles. You can't touch this but you can trust this What's Left is like Toussiant out fi justice, or Nat Turner with a machete and a musket we've got it cocked and we're not afraid to bust it!
Track Name: Free, Aggravated Assault
Crack open your mind, break open your mind, set fire to your mind so that you can open your mind Break open your mind, crack open your mind, set fire to your mind so that you can open your mind x3 (freestyle) True beats, makin the people move their feet. activatin minds making sure that they all fall in line . . . With the truth yes come to your own conclusion so that we can kill confusion, if you didn't know we need some more fusion of the races so that we can kill the ignorance in the area, yes we're scarier, cause you know that we be comin just to bury the, competition, leaving them wishin that they lack inhibition. Like I said we're all on a mission. Like i said we're all on a mission! (refrain) Feel the flavor like I said we're doing what we can to get it through your head, sometimes the rhymes i kick be heavy like the lead but that’s alright though because we come with tight flow. If you didn't know we're kicking this so we can grow together, regardless of the weather, severing the heads of oppressors because they make us all settle for lesser. If you didn't know the s.o.n. won't crumble under pressure cause I'm just a manifester of the truth, kicking rhymes straight towards the minds of the youth, right now. I'm doing what I can not to bow, king rhythm got the type of beats that back me up, if you didn't know right now you couldn't crack me up because we're coming with the dope style check the message, if you didn't know don't pay attention to the vestige. I'm just a vessel just a vehicle for the word if you didn't know right now I'm killing what you've heard. Fuck it, upon the mic I'm bout to dust shit off cause you know I won't be suffering no love loss when it comes to kicking rhymes cause I'm sharp all the time doing what I can constantly to fall in line with the tempo. . . Let your mind grow! (end freestyle)

With verbal power I shower and scour rappers ... check out the flow x 2 One mission, One ambition, unification against opposition. Stone vision locks minds like prisons so shatter the mold and fold light like a prism! I'm amped up on crazy cuts swinging a sword, co- burning opposition to the Lord, man has no master but Jah alone, so why people be trying to put shackles around my dome? I ain’t even safe at home, and regardless of where I roam I still end up feeling it in my bones. Images infuse epidermis to sinew, axon to synapse action potential continues, straight for my brain freight train carrying lies blurring up the vision of my eyes making me stigmatize everything I'm seeing with my - two eyes, making me forget about the - disguise that hovers over each and every lie. Why is it that Black people still struggle to get by? Why plenty bellies stay hungry every evening that goes by? Why if they can shoot a missile down out of the sky, can't they keep a drug smuggling plane from getting by? For real, I'm getting tired of these guys! When will they realize that each of their lies comes with a price for which no apology will suffice? They're playing with our life like its a toss of the dice- I'm getting vex, wondering what kind of wickedness their hatching next. They've been cutting the budget here and there but their not aware that the deficit they're creating's beyond repair. For the past 30 years they've been building up their defense, taking money from education just to pay their expense and they wonder why everybody’s so dense'a and they wonder why everybody’s so tense'a . . .but they know damn well by people be loving indifference, cause apathy prevents revolutionary events . . . cause apathy prevents revolutionary events! WE'RE IN THE DUNGEON!!
Track Name: Steve's Job
Experimentation building new classification, I checking station after station getting hit wit' light abrasion. Cause your wasting time, were making a stance, tired of heads not taking a chance, music’s for much more than dance: history, culture, roots like plants. Check out my jazz I'm boppin' hard, traditional to avant-garde. Rebirth of cool it never died, damn I wish Miles was alive, woulda blown on amen breaks in 95 with Bukem by his side. This ain't no jive, just funk like Stone, Punk like Pistols, sine like tone. Mind has grown past loons and lawns, feel better than e-headz gone till dawn. Ya'll know my song just strong beats cut, bassline heavy, 20k juice, run em' through a few plugins boost x2, run em' through a few x2, ugh, ugh... My DSP symphony be something of a mystery, technology no PC piece of crap, peace M-A-C. Word A-T-A-R-I ST, in my drive C-U-B-A-S-E, E-D-I-T 12-bit fuzzy, using Peak 2 via SCSI.
Track Name: The Brakes Are Gone
I'm thinking, talking, walking, sparking friction with diction within the system I live in because that's just how I'm living I'm giving one hundred and ten percent when ever I'm ripping the mic. Suckers want to front but they know it sounds tight. I write hype lines to ignite minds, so put down your nines and let us fuck up your minds. I devastate whenever I collaborate to kill hate maybe that makes me an enemy of state. If you think it doesn't cousin maybe you should wake up to the way the country that you live in has been made up. I always shake up the competition when I'm spitting lyrics that are well known for the dome splitting level of hypeness, tightness, preciseness. We simulate the feeling of being trapped in a vice grip. You might slip but only if you choose to quit cause you know What's Left don't ever be kicking no bullshit. We just step to the stage and then we proceed to rip no frills but you know the skills are guaranteed to give your mind, body, and soul just what they need. You know the s.o.n. be rhyming till his voice box bleeds. While the king of the rhythm be making you stampede the power of our sound be altering what you perceive. Bodies drop to the rhythm Bodies pop to the rhythm Bodies lock to the rhythm non stop when we rock! x2
Track Name: Ciretose
(refrain) Gusting air, impair where, standing bare. For my end, I intend, break the bend. Now the mold, crack the hold, shape to roll. Control out, of I doubt, we will fold. Freak speed I'm, not that calm, hand on click. Man the bomb, damn this sick, crazy psalm. Dug my whole, must get out, long time bout. Now I fight, day to night, use my might. Sweat stank blood my mind, think tank when I rhyme. Come past compost host, wind re, they're almost. Close boast, will not I, time fly, fits the why. Quest on born in rain, flood gate, pin o’ pain. Main re as one eye open and you done. Sea salt, sift through tear, thousand case appear. This here for two Bob, mizZ dude and kill jean. Dig this King code word, you know what I mean. (refrain) Form hack, you can't crack, step back, fade to black. Main rap in re vent, time spent you left bent. With fuze bout to pop, stain stick, move to top. This blame left What's on, next step beyond norm. Check form up to par, "Hey you've gone to far." (not quite that far) Not I whom you speak, this made for the deep (so deep). Quick fast will not ask, deep task to make last. Back pay for King day, soon come time to play. (refrain)
Track Name: Necessary (Bonus)
One nation, one declaration of independence from abominations, perpetrated by corporations and politicians with self serving ambitions! Man I know it doesn't really have to be like this, In my opinion I believe that we can fight this. Most def. the people got the power to ignite this powder keg of economic injustice. And I think the only way for us to bust this is to step up with a mindstate that's the toughest. Rough intellectuals, self-taught professionals, activists, actual working class radicals trained in the practical, the theory, and the tactical, methods of engaging the enemy and smashing through. Its up to us, so in us I trust, when its time to bust and start raising a fuss cause revolution begins in the mind! Lose sight of that and you'll get trapped in time! The repetition of history is a great sin, that's why I'm racing for emancipation. Mental, physical, spiritual, economical, I'm studying to overcome these obstacles but one man can't do it alone. Imagine if the masses chose to empower their domes! They wouldn't let a pig set foot in their homes, they wouldn't let a bank charge interest on loans and they wouldn't leave a child without a place to call home. No not for one evening, believe in this as a fact because its all about perceiving the truth exactly as it is. We don't know the half but we know that show biz should never ever pass for news at any time kid. For real! What's going on somethings wrong with the system. Capitalism's got us livin in a prison, thriving off inequality and division. Look at the criminal injustice system! The state has made us both murderer and victim. I think the people need to rise up and convict them! The state has made us both murderer and victim. I think the people need to rise up and convict them!